Monograph with Oxford University Press, published December 2022 (UK) and March 2023 (US).
Finalist for the 2023 Book Award from the International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR).

“I always like a book that wakes me up, makes my brain move in new directions, and offers new paradigms for thinking theologically. This book, while incredibly dense and filled to its electronic gills with footnotes, does this.” — Dolores L. Christie, Catholic Books Review

“a pathbreaking study which brings feminist theology into constructive dialogue with Darwinism.” –ISSR Awards Committee

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Restoration of Abundance: Feyerabend, Mysticism, and Science-Engaged Theology” (forthcoming Spring 2024)

Gender as Context in Science and Religion: ‘Natural’ Sexual Difference as a Case Study
Philosophy, Theology, and the Sciences, (Vol. 9, Issue 2), 2022  

“Visiting Iniquity Upon the Generations: Epigenetics, Systems Biology, and Theologies of Inherited Sin”
Philosophy, Theology, and the Sciences, (Vol. 7, Issue 2), 2020

The Evolution of Homo Ludens: Sexual Selection and a Theology of Play”
Zygon, (Vol. 57, Issue 3), 2022

Teresa of Avila on Theology and Shame,” New Blackfriars, (Vol. 99, Issue 1081), 2018

Contributions to Edited Volumes

Chapter entitled: “Creaturely Agency in Theology and Evolution” (forthcoming December 2023)`

Chapter entitled: “Unity in the Massa Peccati: Original Sin and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis”

Chapter entitled: “Augustine and the Gendered Self in Time”

Chapter entitled: “A Theologian Standing with God in the World: Developments in Schillebeeckx’s Epistemology and Implications for Feminist Theology”

Online Resources

“Can evolutionary biology help to render natural law approaches to sexual ethics more affirming of non-heterosexual relationships?”, Theological Puzzles (Issue 8, 2022),

“Report on Supporting Diversity in STEM Faculty Hiring and Retention at CCCU Institutions,” SCIO (Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford, research for this report was funded by the John Templeton Foundation), September 2021. Report can be found here: